Disaster Management Agency Gets Acting Director

The Governor’s Office announced today, June 1 that there has been a temporary change in the management of the Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA).

A release from the office said the director Billy Darroux did not feel his department was adequately prepared to respond to a disaster or emergency as a result of internal challenges. As such, Her Excellency the Governor, Elizabeth Carriere, has authorised some temporary changes in senior management at the DMCA.

With the cooperation of the Acting Deputy Governor Mrs Lyndell Simpson, she has taken the following steps:

  1. Mr Carlisle “Pyiko” Williams will be temporarily transferred from his position at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory to the position of Acting Director DMCA beginning on 1 June, for the duration of the hurricane season in the first instance.
  2. A full functional, management and operational review of DMCA will commence as soon as expertise is in place to undertake this.
  3. Extra management support to the Acting Director and staff in the DMCA will be provided.
  4. The Governor and the Acting Deputy Governor will provide continued close oversight and support for the management and operational effectiveness of the DMCA
  5. Mr Darroux will be temporarily transferred on a disaster management-related assignment on which he will report to the Governor while keeping the Acting Director informed.
  6. This temporary transfer will begin on 1 June and continue until such time as longer term transfer arrangements can be effected.

“With 1st June being the official start of the hurricane season, it is Her Excellency’s view that these temporary changes would ensure effective management and operation of the DMCA and to reassure the public that Montserrat is entering the hurricane season with its primary disaster preparedness and response agency able to carry out its mandate fully, and that the associated risk reduction measures are in place,” the release stated.