Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Training

A multi-sectoral training is taking place this week on Juvenile Justice and Child Protection.

Participating in the training are officers from Social Services, police and attorney general, public prosecution, youth department, early childhood, primary and secondary education.

The training is part of the Social Services Department efforts to improve the protection of Montserrat’s children. It comes on the heels of the 2016 enactment of the Childcare and Adoption Act and the draft Juvenile Justice Bill.

Child Justice consultant Jackie Sealy-Burke is conducting the training and commended the Government of Montserrat on the advancement of efforts to protect children. Montserrat is one of only two overseas territories passing legislature.

Hon. Minister of Education and Social Services Delmaude Ryan told the participants that they have a role to play in understanding what is required to implement the act and it requires them to act accordingly.

Montserrat has established a Child Protection Unit to ensure the implementation of the Childcare and Adoption Act.

The Children Care and Adoption Act gives the legal framework to seek the best interests of Montserrat’s children. The act outlines some of the considerations which the social services and the court look at in making decisions about a child’s future. They include the child’s safety, physical, mental and emotional development and the capacity of the adult to provide the right environment for their growth.