Team Working to Bring Improved Service Delivery to Government

Name badges for frontline staff, new ministry signs and customer service training are some of the current initiatives being undertaken by the Public Sector Task Force as part of the Empowering Excellence Programme.

According to Programme Manager Cheverlyn Williams-Kirnon, the task force has been working to establish the action plan they will execute over an 18-month span.

The task force comprises of a team of 15 across all sectors of the government, including the young workers, assistant secretaries, civil service association and there is also a private sector advisory group. Team members acknowledged that 18 months is the time to set up what the strategy will be going forward and not an attempt at reforming the government in that space of time.

The programme manager said they have identified the Human Resource strategy of the Singapore Government as a model they aspire to achieve. She added that the team is gathering the experience and ideas of newcomer to the civil service as well as those who have been there for many years.

Librarian Sonja Smith who is on the force said she is especially interested in the plans to motivate staff and to ensure their skills and talents are encouraged. Providing relevant learning and development opportunities for more civil servants is also important, she said.

A customer service training programme is already on the way for civil servants. All frontline staff who serve the public will be given name badges so clients can easily identify them and know their role. A signpost to service project is also planned. This will give each ministry signage that indicates what services they provide. The public will also have opportunities to submit surveys and reviews on the service they receive within each department.