Entrepreneur Roydenn Silcott Opens First Office

A small group of friends and family gathered on Thursday afternoon to celebrate the opening of entrepreneur Roydenn Silcott’s new offices in Manjack.

Silcott, who will be celebrating one year as a full-time entrepreneur in September said this was the continuation of his plans long in the making. The trained architect, left full-time employment with the Government of Montserrat in 2016 after he said his private work was getting too much.7-21-17-rs-printer

“It was getting harder to do both things and I knew if I wanted my business to grow, I would have to put all of my time into it,” he shared with Discover Montserrat. “In the near future, I hope that I will be able to bring on someone else to work with me.”

Silcott is a multi-passion entrepreneur. Along with architectural services, he also runs Hypnotik Graphics and Marketing, and does printing and photography as well. All of his skills come together, he said for the multiple events he and his partners promote under the Hypnotik Media brand.

He took time to thank each person present for the contributions they have made in his life both personally and professionally. He shared that running the business full-time comes with challenges but “you don’t really see them or learn how to handle them until you are in it.” The entrepreneur said he is looking forward to providing a range of services to clients both on Montserrat and internationally, adding that his initial service offerings have continued to expand to meet the demand.