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Defence Force Officers and Rank on Training

The Royal Montserrat Defence Force (RMDF) has announced a number of training initiatives aimed at enhancing the capabilities and skills of its officers and rank.
Lieutenant Glenroy Foster is currently attending a Junior Officer Staff Course at the British Army Training Support Unit while Sergeant Deverson Semper will attend the Small Arms Drill Instructors course for Junior Non-Commissioned Officers starting on Monday August 28th.
The attendance of both members of the RMDF on these courses is funded by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.
Commanding Officer Major Alvin Ryan is confident that the experience both officers will gain would be of great benefit to the RMDF and Montserrat in general and is looking forward to similar training opportunities in the future.
Meanwhile, the Royal Montserrat Defence Force annual training camp began on Wednesday 16th August at the Montserrat Secondary School.
They have been joined by a contingent from the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) Cadet Corps and officers from the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS).
During the camp, which ends on Sunday, the troops are undergoing full military training including field exercises as well as weapons training and live shooting exercises on the shooting range in Lovers Lane.
In addition, the troops will undergo disaster preparedness and recovery training drills among others.
The Royal Montserrat Defence Force has recently stepped up its training regimen.
A contingent of the Montserrat Secondary School Cadet Corps participated in a joint training Camp in Antigua, hosted by the Antigua Cadet Corps at the ABDF training facilities at Crabs.
The 21 cadets and two members of the Defence Force were joined by others from the Turks and Caicos Islands.
A team from the RMDF and some members of the Cadet Corps also participated in the land based exercise with RFA Mount Bay earlier this month.