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Turtle covering with sand on a local beach. (Scriber Adventures Photo)

Don’t Stress the Turtles, Enjoy Them

There have been reports of people disturbing the turtles while nesting on local beaches. The Department of Environment has launched a campaign to educate the public about the turtles who make an annual pilgrimage to
lay their eggs here.

Four species of sea turtle are known to have nested on island over the years. The Green Turtle, the Hawksbill, the Leatherback and the Loggerhead. What is most fascinating about the turtles is that year after year they travel thousands of miles to return to the very beach on which they were born.

Residents and visitors are asked not to disturb the turtles. Observe from a distance and do not block their path to the beach or back into the water. Also the practice of digging up the turtle eggs for eating must be stopped, one official told Discover Montserrat.

A flyer from the environment office advises:

  • DO look out for turtles while boating
  • DO keep your distance
  • DO keep pets under control
  • DO use only red or amber lights to observe turtles
  • DO NOT drive on the beach
  • DO NOT have bright lights, campfires or flash photography
  • DO NOT make loud noises
  • DO NOT litter
  • DO NOT touch or sit on turtles or pick up eggs.

Please report anyone that you see putting the turtles in harms way.

Turtle nesting season usually runs from June to October each year.