Coretta Ryan Launches #NYToParadise Podcast on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur and brand strategist Coretta Ryan has launched a podcast series on entrepreneurship.

“NY to Paradise: Creating Your Own Success” is a monthly audio series which highlights various entrepreneurs from around the world who haven’t been afraid to reshape their daily experiences by taking risks, staying true to their personal stories and living their lives intentionally.

Episode 1 of NY to Paradise: creating your own success, is titled “The Power of Observation”.

It features Cha McCoy who talks about her passion for travel, culture, and wine. She is an engineering consultant, inn-keep manager, and co-founder of The Culture Bazaar Group. She addresses some misconceptions about travel, finding her passion for wine, and becoming a local while living in Italy for two years. 

The show was created and co-produced by Coretta Ryan to be used as a tool to motivate aspiring and fellow entrepreneurs in their journey.

“The idea behind the concept is in finding out the “WHY”. The reasons behind why entrepreneurs may create businesses or the source of the passion they have for their work. I wanted to share the process, the thinking behind what shapes the ideas that develop into businesses.”

Coretta is a digital nomad working between her homeland Montserrat and New York. This became the inspiration for the title. NY to Paradise can be found online at, Podbean, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts and across social media @crprllc with the hashtag #nytoparadise. The first episode will play on ZJB Radio Montserrat 88.3 FM, 99.5 FM, on Saturday, September 1st starting at 1:00 pm EST.


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