Governor Carriere Issues Statement on Hurricane Irma

“Montserrat is now under a “hurricane warning” from Hurricane Irma. I have just signed the Proclamation that there is a substantial prospect that a disaster will strike the island. This is the official order that legally puts in motion all the preparations for a hurricane or severe storms or other disaster on Montserrat.
According to current forecasts, Irma should pass to our north late on Tuesday 5 September and into Wednesday 6 September. However, Montserrat can expect hurricane force conditions. Tropical storm force conditions will begin to be felt on Tuesday afternoon. The forecasts remain uncertain and it is possible that Irma will become more of a direct threat than is currently forecasted. So please take these storm warnings seriously.
Preparations for Irma are underway. NDPRAC has met twice under my chairmanship. It will meet again before the storm arrives. Announcements have already been made about the closure of schools and DMCA will make announcements about the opening of shelters and other public advice in the next 24 hours. In the United Kingdom the Disaster Management Oversight Committee has met three times to consider and prepare for a UK Government response should any of the Overseas Territories be affected. Irma’s track takes it close to or over Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands.
It is now important that everyone in Montserrat makes their own preparations. You should have completed these by midday on Tuesday. In particular I want to stress the importance of your businesses and properties being clear of loose material that can fly around in heavy winds and cause injury and damage to others. Please make sure you either secure material or take it to the landfill at Jack Boy Hill.
Please also stay away from the beaches, where high tides and storm surge will make sea condition dangerous and the roads and beaches unsafe.
After the storm it is equally important that no-one ventures outside and, especially, onto the roads until the official “All Clear” has been declared by DMCA in consultation with the police. Please do not impede whatever emergency response action is needed by the Police, the Defence Force, Public Works Dept, DMCA and others.
This is Montserrat’s most serious threat from a hurricane for a number of years. Please take it seriously and do whatever you need to do to keep yourselves and your families safe. Please stay safe, and may God bless us all.