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Kafu Cabey Photo of relief supplies for Anguilla.

Relief Supplies Handed Over to Anguilla Rotary for Distribution

A container load of non-perishable food, bottled water and other supplies was delivered to the people of Anguilla on Sunday.

The ferry MV Lovely 1 carried officials and a few nationals to deliver the goods after last week’s call from the Government of Montserrat was made for residents to donate to the hurricane-stricken island.
On board were Hon. Deputy Premier Delmaude Ryan and Hon. Parliamentary Secretary David Osborne who met with Montserrat nationals living on Anguilla.

The shipment includes a generous contribution of 400 gallons of Soufriere Springs Water from the Montserrat Bottling Company. The Montserrat Union of Teachers also packaged and sent supplies to be distributed to the Anguilla Teachers’ Association.

The Montserrat Rotary Club also held a drive to collect supplies and contributions for the people of Anguilla. Residents were also encouraged to send care packages to their loved ones on Anguilla, who have been without many basic supplies after Hurricane Irma slammed the island on September 6, 2017.

Ralph Birkhoff, a former resident of Montserrat now living on Anguilla, said the relief supplies have been handed over the Anguilla Chapter of Rotary International to be distributed to people in need.

MV Lovely 1 is on its way back to Montserrat ahead of a new weather system threatening the Eastern Caribbean.

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