No Sea and Air Access Into Montserrat

All sea and air access into Montserrat has been suspended until further notice.

This is the official word from the Government of Montserrat after it was confirmed that Montserrat is under hurricane warning from the approaching storm named Maria.

All public and private schools will be closed today Monday, September 18th, 2017 until further notice due to the impending Hurricane Maria. However, teachers are asked to report to schools on Monday to assist with hurricane preparedness activities. Parents and guardians are urged to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety their children during the closure of schools.

Sea and air access in and out Montserrat have been canceled until further notice. However, helicopter services will be on standby in the event of an emergency.

Her Excellency, Governor Elizabeth Carriere has agreed with the Honourable Deputy Governor Lyndell Simpson that all Government offices will be closed as of noon today Monday, September 18th, 2017 until a further update is given after the passage of Hurricane Maria. All essential services will continue to be operational as normal.

Residents are asked to continue to listen to ZJB to further updates.