Premier Romeo Updates UK Minister on Montserrat

Premier Donaldson Romeo

The Office of the Premier has released an update on the premier’s recent visit to the UK.


The Hon. Premier met with the newly appointed Labour Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Helen Goodman, Member of Parliament for Bishop Auckland.

The Shadow Minister was briefed on the current challenges that face the island and the recent category 5 hurricanes which caused devastation in the region.  He told the MP that though the island did not suffer the damage sustained by the neighbouring islands, their devastation highlighted the need to build resilience in all future development within the island.  

The Hon. Premier took the opportunity to update the MP on the current development needs and gave details of transformational projects regarding health, port and access, fibre optics, housing and geothermal.  Ms. Goodman enquired about the progress of the development of geothermal energy on Montserrat and spoke of the work being done in Durham University in this field.

The Premier undertook to provide an update on the progress of these projects when he is next in the UK.


The Premier met with the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Montserrat, Andrew Rosindelll, MP at the House of Commons.   Mr. Rosindell, who is very familiar with the issues facing Montserrat, enquired about the effect of the recent hurricanes on the island.  As the Chair of the APPG for Montserrat Mr. Rosindell is in a unique position to provide information to his fellow MPs about the island, the richness of its biodiversity and the challenges it faces.


The Premier attended the APPG for the Overseas Territories at Portcullis House, at the Houses of Parliament.  Attendees at this meeting included officers of the APPG, including one of the Vice Chairs, Baroness Hooper, the Treasurer Bob Stewart MP, and former FCO Minister, Mr. James Duddridge MP.  Andrew Rosindell, the Chair of the APPG led the meeting. Other attendees included the Representatives of the UK Overseas Territories.  The Representatives of the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands both gave updates on the current situation in their Territories following the devastation by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  The Hon. Premier of Montserrat gave an update on the Island and spoke about the need and urgency to ensure that resilience is built into all future development that is undertaken within the region and expressed that this is vital given the outstanding development needs of Montserrat which have still not been addressed, after 20 years following the volcanic eruption.


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