Shortest Airport Runways in the Caribbean

Pam Holley photo of the runway at the John A. Osborne Airport on Montserrat.

Two airports in the Caribbean have airport runways shorter than the one at the John A. Osborne Airport here on Montserrat. Find out where they are in our list of Caribbean airports under 1000 metres. (Note: Our list excludes those on many of the islands in The Bahamas, which are privately owned.)

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11. Edward Bodden Airfield, Little Cayman – 998 metres or 3275 ft

10. Mustique Airport, Mustique (St Vincent & the Grenadines) – 992 metres or 3255 ft

9. Virgin Gorda Airport, British Virgin Islands – 945 metres or 3100 ft

8. Salt Cay, Turks & Caicos – 822 metres or 2697 ft

7. Auguste George Airport, Anegada (BVI) – 762 metres or 2500 ft

6. Union Island (SVG) – 752 metres or 2467 ft

5. Middle Caicos Airport (TCI)  – 750 metres or 2461 ft

4. Gustaf III Airport, St Barths – 650 metres or 2133 ft

3. John. A. Osborne Airport, Montserrat – 600 metres or 1968 ft

2. Codrington Airport, Barbuda – 500 metres or 1640 ft

1. Juancho E. Yrasquin Airport, Saba – 400 metres or 1312 ft

Juancho E. Yrasquin Airport, Saba

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