Take Control of Your Online Safety, Says Cyber Security Expert

Certified Information System Security Professional, Denfield ‘Cadett’ Morris and the Hon. Minister of Communication, Works and Labour, Paul Lewis at the Cyber Security Forum. Photo Credit: Government Information Unit (GIU)

Each individual is responsible for his or her own cyber security. That was a key message at the ‘Cyber Security Forum’ held at the Montserrat Cultural Centre on Thursday, November 23, 2017.
Presenter and Certified Information System Security Professional, Denfield ‘Cadett’ Morris stressed the need for all persons to ensure that they secure their devices and data from threats, theft, misuse and other attacks. He explained that cyber security is the use of technologies to safeguard our networks, computers, systems and programs from attacks, damage and unapproved access.
Mr. Morris stated that cyber security is important for all individuals but especially businesses and organisations, since there is often sensitive information being exchanged on these networks. He said, “Once you are connected to computers, phones and other devices you are a target. Therefore, you must ensure you are protected from viruses, worms, hackers, malware and other threats.”
To guard against these attacks, the Certified Information System Security Professional said a credible antivirus software is a necessary and key component to protect our devices. He provided the following tips to reduce the risk of cyberattacks:

ï‚· Download an anti-malware program that also helps prevent infections.
ï‚· Activate network threat protection, firewall and antivirus.
ï‚· Avoid connecting to unknown Wi-Fi networks
During the presentation, Mr. Morris conducted demonstrations and provided examples which helped to explain the processes involved and importance of cyber security.
The Forum was held as part of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Week of Activities hosted by the Ministry of Communications, Works and Labour. The Forum is the first in a series of lectures planned by the Ministry, to educate members of the public on the need to protect their data and devices.
ICT Week was held November 20 to 24 under the theme, ‘Green, Connected and Thriving-Automation and Cyber Security.