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Cupid is still in love with his X.

Rabo is Montserrat’s 2017 Calypso Monarch

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Montserrat crowned a new calypso monarch in the early hours of New Year’s Eve at the Festival Village in Little Bay.
Kenneth ‘Rabo’ Silcott was the judges favourite, although it was clear the the crowd did not agree. Rabo performed The Promise in round one. The song, which he wrote, speaks to political and social issues and states his commitment to stay true to and protect Montserrat, despite the unkept promises of political leaders. In round two, dressed as a sick patient in pyjamas, Rabo sang Brother, a tribute to his late brother. Both songs had melody lines which were a refreshing take on the standard calypso rhythms used each year.
Garnett ‘Sylk’ Thompson was the first runner-up. He stuck with his annual and standard call for change between DFID and Montserrat in Double Standard and Save the Economy.
Herman ‘Cupid’ Francis offered up the entertaining double entendre Still in Love with Me X for which he also won the Most Creative Award and $1000. He showed up in black and white stripes for Crime Pays. He placed third overall.
The audience was treated to a soca segment featuring Fya Empress of St Vincent & the Grenadines, who had placed second the evening before in the Regional Female Calypso Competition. New Regional Calypso Queen Karene Asche of Trinidad & Tobago sang a Every Knee Shall Bow, which is fast becoming a classic Caribbean calypso.
MC Basil Chambers hinted that the final results would be contentious before he began to announce the winners, reiterating the judges decision was final.

The final results for the Calypso Finals are as follows:

  • Best Newcomer- $500 – Sharlene
  • Best Environmental song – $1000 – Tabu – Voice of the Ocean
  • Best social commentary- $1000 – Baptiste – Fire Na Di Bambi
  • Most improved $1000 – Undertaker
  • Most creative $1000 – Cupid – Still in love with me x
  • Crowd favorite- Baptiste-$250

10 – $1000 Kandi
9 – $2000 King Natty
8 – $2500 Sharlene
7 – $3000 Baptiste
6 – $3500 Ice Man
5 – $4000 Tabu
4 – $5000 Rakatang
3 – $7000 Cupid
2 – $10000 Sylk
1 – $15000 Rabo Calypso Monarch