Montserrat’s Draft Economic Growth Strategy Available for Review Online

A draft of the ‘Economic Growth Strategy and Delivery Plan for Montserrat’ is now available online.
According to a release from the Government Information Unit, the document is available in the publications section of the Government of Montserrat website. To access the document, individuals should go to click on the ‘publications’ tab, then click on ‘Ministry of Finance’ in the list provided. Once on this page, click on the pdf ‘Growth Strategy & Delivery Plan 2017-DRAFT’ to open or download the document.

Alternatively, individuals can access the document at the following link Strategy-Delivery- Plan-2017-DRAFT-.pdf
The draft document was made available by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management to allow individuals on Montserrat and overseas an opportunity to review the plan and provide feedback, before it is finalised and approved.
To facilitate feedback on the strategy and plan, a survey is being conducted to allow individuals to share their views on the document and also provide their suggestions.
Persons who decide to complete the survey should first read the ‘Economic Growth Strategy and Delivery Plan’. The survey is confidential and the responses cannot be linked back to any individual. To complete the survey, please go to the following link:

A clickable link to the survey is also available on under the ‘Growth Strategy & Delivery Plan 2017-DRAFT’ pdf.
Additionally, the Ministry of Finance will be conducting several public consultations later this month to allow for further feedback and comments on the ‘Economic Growth Strategy and Delivery Plan’. Details on the dates and times for these consultations will be announced in the coming days.
The draft ‘Economic Growth Strategy and Delivery Plan for Montserrat’ was produced by Consultancy Company, Mott MacDonald. The company was appointed by the Government of Montserrat, through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management to produce a clearly defined and goal-oriented growth plan which will provide a long-term roadmap for the government, businesses, donors and, potential investors on how to achieve inclusive and sustained economic growth for Montserrat.

Draft ‘Economic Growth Strategy and Delivery Plan for Montserrat’ Strategy-Delivery- Plan-2017-DRAFT-.pdf

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