New Police Boat to be Named MV Heliconia Star

After a voting process lasting over a month, the Montserrat community at home and abroad has voted to name the new police patrol vessel, which is expected to arrive in Montserrat in April, the “MV Heliconia Star”.
According to a release from the Governor’s Office, a voting panel comprising the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Police, the Head of the Marine Unit, the Financial Secretary, the Head of the Governor’s office and Ms Rose Willock, chose a
shortlist of seven names from the 138 suggested by the public and these were put to the public vote two weeks ago.

With a “one person, one vote” rule, this is how the public voted on the Governor’s office Facebook page.
Heliconia Star 41
Vigilance 25
Rendezvous 22
Shamrock 13
Resilience 9
Emerald Isle 9
Oriole 3
The UK Maritime Coastguard Agency has confirmed that no other vessel on the UK or Montserrat shipping register currently carries this name and it is therefore eligible to be used.
The person who suggested this name in the initial round was Ms Edith Duberry and we will be in touch with her to discuss the prize she will receive.