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Traffic Arrangements for Salem on St Patrick’s Day

The Traffic Division of the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) has announced the traffic arrangements to facilitate the early morning jump-up and the Street Parade to be held in Salem on March 17-St. Patrick’s Day.
The portion of road at the junction of the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) to the junction at the one-way road leading up to upper Friths will be closed to vehicular traffic from approximately 4:00AM for the early morning jump-up and Street Parade at approximately 11:00AM. Once the events have moved past the junction at the Salem Clinic, the road blockage will be transferred to the junction at Salem Clinic.
The Hope main road at the junction of the old Salem Police Station leading to the junction at the Desert Storm Bar will also be closed to vehicular traffic. This road will close at 11:00AM.
The John Osborne road (one-way road by Arrow’s manshop) will be blocked off at the bottom at the junction facing the Catholic church. No tent or hut is allowed to be erected on this road as it will be used as a two-way road only for essential/emergency vehicles in the case of an emergency.
The road at Nantes River leading up to the top of Hope will be opened for vehicular traffic. Therefore, persons wanting to enter and exit Hope, Flemings and Friths must use this route.
Persons wanting to access Old Town, Olveston, Lime Kiln, Isles Bay and other surrounding areas after 10:00AM must do so by using the road at the Salem Clinic leading down to the Salem Police Station.
The portion of road leading down to the Salem Park will be blocked off in the vicinity of George Irish’s residence. Persons wanting to access this area by vehicle must do so by entering the road at Olveston House, drive around to the back of the Salem Park, come along the road below the Greenway’s residence and exit on the one-way road leading to the stop sign at bottom of the road (junction facing the old Prison).
Persons attending the Heritage Feast, will park at the MSS and Montserrat Community College (MCC) parking lot and shuttle/walk to Salem. Parking will also be available behind Salem Park.
The Salem Police Station is reserved for Parking for dignitaries, police and fire officers and the Royal Montserrat Defence Force (RMDF). No parking is allowed to the general public.
The basketball court at the old Salem Primary school will be used as a temporary bus terminal to transport persons to and from Salem. No parking is allowed by the public.
During the Heritage Feast, the stretch of road from the MSS down to the clinic, on to the road at the junction at teacher Viola Pond’s residence, through to the Attic Restaurant and exit at the junction of the MSS, will be used as a one-way road.
Signs will be posted to notify motorist.
All vendors should have everything in place on or before 10:00AM on March 17, 2018. Vendors will be given an ID by the St. Patricks’ Day Committee. Once this ID is presented entry will be permitted only for the purpose of dropping off or picking up items. Vendors will not be allowed to park and must exit on completion of their purpose. All parties are asked to comply with arrangements and the times given.