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Group photo of 36th CTU Executive Council.

Montserrat Attending Telecoms Union Executive Meeting

Permanent Secretary for MCWL Beverley Mendes. (CTU Photo)

Montserrat is participating in a telecommunications conference focused on developing 21st Century Governments.

Beverley Mendes, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Communications & Works is currently in St Vincent & the Grenadines for the 36th Executive Council Meeting for the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU). The meeting is happening in tandem with SVGs celebration of ICT Week.

Representatives of CTU member nations are discussing the business of the CTU and preparing a policy framework and guidelines for implementation of 21st Century Government for submission to the General Conference of Ministers.

“A 21st Century Government is one that makes effective use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to deliver services to its citizens, and its internal and external clients. It is characterised by citizen-centric, seamless, open, interactive, efficient and transparent processes. 21st Century Government will transform the public service, strengthen economic competitiveness and promote sustainable development. Many countries have been introducing electronic government (e-Government) services but the process has been very slow,” said a release from the telecoms organisation.

Speaking on the importance of the initiative, Ms. Bernadette Lewis, CTU Secretary General, stated, “The programme for establishing 21st Century Government in the Caribbean is critical to ensure our countries accelerate e-Government service delivery, transform their public service and be on par with others that already have such Governments.”

Group photo of 36th CTU Executive Council.

Emphasising the CTU’s commitment and that of its principal partner, Caribbean Centre for Administration Development (CARICAD), to support regional governments in expediting their advance towards 21st Century Government, she continued, “The CTU, CARICAD and other strategic partners are ready and able to work with each government to facilitate this work. Effective adoption of 21stCentury Government principles is a complex undertaking which will require a departure from the beaten tracks of government processes that no longer serve us. Ultimately, with the required political will, the region can begin and hasten the journey towards 21st Century Government.”

In addition to the convening of the CTU’s 36th Executive Council meeting, ICT Week will feature a Workshop  on  21st Century Government  that will prepare all stakeholders  to  adopt and accelerate the progress towards 21st Century Government.

Four Workshops on ICT for People With Disabilities (PWD) will be held on 22nd March to demonstrate to them the power of ICTs to transform their lives.

The week’s activities will culminate on 23rd March with the CTU’s Caribbean ICT Roadshow which is designed to raise public awareness and educate on ICT and deliver tangible benefits, particularly to the Youth and Innovators. Five different fora will be held.