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Premier Romeo Pledges Support to Local Athletes

Hon. Premier and Minister of Finance Donaldson Romeo last week pledged his support to local athletics.

Coach Scotland and atheletes are greeted at the airport after returning from the Commonwealth Games in Australia.
100m track star Lester Ryan.

Romeo was speaking at a brief welcome ceremony for the track stars returning from the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

His Excellency the Governor Andrew Pearce and his family was also at the airport to meet the athletes last Wednesday. The Governor said it was wonderful to see a tiny island such as Montserrat represented at the Games. He said athletics more than anything else requires drive and individual effort and the proof of this was that these athletes made it to the international competition.

Although, Montserrat did not bring home any medals, the premier said their representation was one to be proud of. He added that their work has provided evidence to present a case for more funding for athletics on island.

Romeo’s remarks were echoed by Parliamentary Secretary Gregory Willock while Hon. Minister of Education Delmaude Ryan said she will be collecting on the promise from the premier on behalf of the Sports Department.

100m runner Lester Ryan said on behalf of the team that they were happy that they were welcomed home. He said that they will continue to work hard to represent the island, adding their next meet was at NACAC in Canada this August.

Track coach Wilston “Scottie” Scotland said he would be looking forward to seeing the government make good on its promise to the athletes.

Montserrat sent a team of seven athletes and three officials to the games. Member of the Commonwealth Committee Bruce Farara also attended and was one of the medal presenters during the competitions.

Julius Morris, the 200m track star made it as far as the semi-finals competitions. Other athletes were Darren Morson and Lavon Allen in long jump, and Shernyl Burns, AJ Lee, Johmarie Lee in 100m.