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Governor Carriere, Tony Bates, Bennette Roach

Tony Bates Ends Tour of Duty to Governor’s Office May 31

UK Policy Adviser to His Excellency the Governor and Head of the Governor’s office, Tony Bates, and his wife, Colette, will be leaving Montserrat at the end of May, slightly earlier than originally planned (late July).  Tony’s early departure is for personal reasons which are not connected to his position in Montserrat.

On his departure, Tony said “I am sorry that Colette’s and my departure from Montserrat has come slightly sooner than we had wished.  Living and working in Montserrat has been a fantastic experience and we have met, worked with and socialised with some wonderful people.  We will miss them all and wish to thank them for their help, support and good company.  We have seen and done some amazing things.  Montserrat will forever be in our hearts and we look forward to returning on holiday in the future.”

He has been stationed on Montserrat since September 2014, serving under former governors Adrian Davis and Elizabeth Carriere and now H.E. Andy Pearce.

Bates, who is an avid photographer and runner, has been quite active in several local organisations. He and his wife have been staunch supporters of the Montserrat Children’s Society, the Montserrat Animal Protection Society, and local beach cleanups. He also started a local photography club to teach his skills to others.

Tony’s successor and arrival plans will be announced in due course.