Premier Romeo at UN Sustainable Development Seminar

Premier Romeo Participating in Regional Crime & National Security Meetings

Premier, the Honourable Donaldson Romeo, is in the Dominican Republic attending a series of meetings on crime and national security.

Premier Romeo is among other regional Ministers responsible for National Security, who are this week attending the ‘High Level Forum On The SICA-CARICOM Structured Dialogue On Transnational Organised Crime’ from May 23 to 25. This High Level Forum also includes the ‘Nineteenth Meeting of The Council For National Security and Law Enforcement (CONSLE)’, which is being held today, Thursday May 24, 2018.

The Council for National Security and Law Enforcement (CONSLE) is responsible for the coordination of the multi-dimensional nature of security, to ensure a safe and stable Community. Having completed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), CARICOM and the Central American Integration System (SICA) is seeking to enhance cooperation especially in the area of information sharing on issues of transnational organised crime.

During the meetings, the participants will discuss matters concerning regional crime and security policy, looking specifically at issues stemming from the 29th inter-sessional meeting of the conference of Heads of Government. These include discussions on the ‘Intra Regional Task Force to combat the rise in crime and violence in member states’ and ‘administrative requirements in the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) skills certificate process’.

The leaders will also explore ways of strengthening the institutional capacities in relation to the issue of migration in the region.

The agenda includes administrative, financial and legal arrangements required to strengthen security in the region. During this aspect of the discussion, the participants will be briefed and provided with updates on the ‘Crime and Security Strategy’, ‘Counter Terrorism Strategy’ and ‘Maritime Strategy’.

On matters dealing with legislation in the region, the ‘CARICOM Arrest Warrant Treat’; ‘Asset Recovery Treaty’; ‘Advance Passenger Information System’ and ‘Advance Cargo Information System’ will be discussed.

Premier Romeo is accompanied to the meetings by the Director of External Affairs in the Office of the Premier, Debra Lewis.

The meetings were organised by the CARICOM Secretariat.