Cheverlyn Williams-Kirnon Appointed Chief HR Officer Acting

Cheverlyn Williams-Kirnon appointed to act as Chief HR Officer for the Government of Montserrat. (File Photo)

Director in the Office of the Deputy Governor (ODG) Mrs Cheverlyn Williams-Kirnon has been appointed to act as the Chief Human Resource Officer, within the Human Resource Management Unit (HMRU) effective Wednesday June 20th, 2018.

Mrs Williams-Kirnon, will replace Dr. Jocelyn Clarke Fletcher whose employment relationship with the Government of Montserrat came to an abrupt end effective Wednesday June 20th, 2018 after being in the post for a little over a year.

According to a statement from ODG, Williams-Kirnon has been employed with the Government of Montserrat for 26 years and brings to the post a wealth of experience having worked in various capacities in the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Management Unit (HMRU), Ministry of Communications, Works and Labour and the Office of the Deputy Governor.

She previously worked in HRMU from 2007 as Learning and Development Facilitator and was promoted to the position of Director of Learning and Development in 2009 in HRMU. She also served as Director of Strategic Management and Administration at the Ministry of Communications, Works and Labour before taking up the position as Programme Manager for the Empowering Excellence Programme (EEP) through Human Resource Transformation within the Government of Montserrat Public Service.

The Honourable Deputy Governor, Lyndell Simpson thanked Dr Fletcher for her services to the Government of Montserrat and wished her well in her future endeavours.

The DG also expresssed thanks to Williams-Kirnon for taking up the mantle to lead the Human Resource Management Unit (HMRU) at this critical time.

Mrs Williams-Kirnon said “it is an honour and a privilege to be able to serve the Government and people of Montserrat in this capacity.”