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Antigua claimed the Under 19 championship. (Nia Golden Photo

Antigua Wins Under 19 Cricket as Montserrat Celebrates Successful Tournament

Antigua claimed the Under 19 championship. (Nia Golden Photo

Montserrat wrapped up two weeks of wonderful cricket on Monday evening with a park full of sports lovers.

The government granted half -day to civil servants to allow them to go out to the Little Bay Park to support the local Under 19 team which had so far been on a winning streak. They were up against Antigua & Barbuda for the coveted LICB trophy.

This was the first time Montserrat hosted the tournament and LICB representative Vernon Springer said the competition for 2018 would not have happpened if the government and people had not stepped up.

Springer commended the work of Adrian Edgecombe of Live Island Events who streamed the matches from the Little Bay Park. ZJB and local sports enthusiasts provided commentary.

Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo was on hand for the closing. He sad he was proud at the success of the tournament and thanked those who worked in front and behind the scenes to make it happen. He acknowledged the work of the Minister of Sports, the cricket association and the sponsors. He thanked the cricketers who made the historic event happen and lifted the spirits of the people of Montserrat.

Hon. Parliamentary Secretary Gregory Willock said the island hosted two well organised tournaments. He extended greetings on behalf of His Excellency Governor Andy Pearce, who extended his congratulations to all.

Hon. Min of Sports Delmaude Ryan added similar well wishes for the athletes.

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Trophies and gifts were handed out to the winning teams and the support staff. Delta Petroleum sponsored the cricket bats given to the winners.

Final Winners:
  • The Omari Banks MVP for Anguila U-19 Demari Benta.
  • The Ralston Otto MVP for Antigua & Barbuda U-19 Uri Smith.
  • The Edgar Gilbert/Cyril Puntan Webster MVP for St Kitts U-19 Mikyle Louis.
  • The Derick Parry MVP for Nevis U-19 Kian Pemberton.
  • The Lowell Mason MVP for Montserrat U-19 Zawandi White.
  • The Jim Allen Most Valuable Player of The LICB U-19 2018 Uri Smith (Antigua & Barbuda)
  • The Alford Corriette Batsman with the Most Runs LICB U-19 Mikyle Louis (St.Kitts)
  • The Lionel Baker Best Fast Bowler Award LICB U-19 Kian Pemberton (Nevis)
  • The Austin White Bowler with the Most Wickets LICB U-19 Kian Pemberton (Nevis)
  • The Kelvin Duberry Bowler with The Best Bowling Figures Jemuel Cabey (Montserrat)
  • The Auckland Hector Best Wicket-Keeper LICB U-19 Joshua Grant (Montserrat)
  • The Basil Morgan Best Umpire Award LICB U-19 (Donald Shekels) Antigua & Barbuda.
  • The Robert Jeffers Most Discipline LICB U-19 (Anguilla U-19)

Players Who Scored Centuries During The Leeward Islands U-19 2018

  • Mikyle Louis (St.KItts) 157 vs Anguilla.
  • Paul Miller (Antigua & Barbuda) 118 not out vs Nevis.
  • Joshua Grant (Montserrat) 110 not out vs Anguilla
  • Zawandi White (Montserrat) 102 vs Nevis.
Final Placing In The Leeward Islands U-19 2018 Championship
  • Champion (Antigua & Barbuda)
  • LICB 2nd Place (Montserrat)
  • LICB 3rd Place (Nevis)