Jaden Sun Ferry (File Photo)

Sunday Ferry Service Cancelled Due to Hurricane Beryl

The Access Division has cancelled the scheduled Sunday ferry service between Montserrat and Antigua Return due to the forecasted arrival of Hurricane Beryl.

The Monday morning ferry service from Montserrat to Antigua has also been cancelled.

“Passengers with reservations will need to make preparations to overnight in Antigua. Sea conditions permitting, the Ferry will return to Montserrat on Monday departing Antigua at 7:00 pm, the statement from the Access Division read.
“Passengers with reservations are asked to contact Mr. Jemmotte 664 496 9912 or Jennifer Burke at 268 722 8188 to confirm their travel arrangements.”

Weather officials had initially expected the hurricane to dissipate before reaching the Caribbean later this weekend. However, midday reports noted that the storm was increasing in strength and would remain a hurricane on its path through the Eastern Caribbean. Authorities will continue to monitor the sea conditions and provide updates as they become available.