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Government Offices Now Accepting Payments by Debit Card

The Government of Montserrat through the Treasury Department announced Friday that that Bank of Montserrat issued debit cards are being accepted at revenue collection points with POS Terminals.
A GIU release stated that “customers at Government revenue collection points which use POS Terminals, such as the Treasury Department, Ministry of Communications, Works and Labour, Customs Airport and Seaport and the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS), now have a choice of paying using their Visa or Mastercard Credit Card, Cash or Cheque and Bank of Montserrat debit card only.”
The acceptance of Bank of Montserrat Debit Cards follows the recent introduction of POS Terminals in Government Departments which serve to facilitate e-commerce payments, thereby reducing the amount of cash being collected or handled at various revenue collection points.
While this new service is expected to speed up the time it takes to complete transactions, the public is asked to note that the following procedures will have to be followed:

  1. The cardholder must provide a valid picture identification (ID), such as passport, driver’s license or social security card;
  2. Sign the POS receipt; and
  3. Collect POS receipt from cashier.

The POS Terminals were introduced in government departments on Monday, April 30th in keeping with the Government of Montserrat’s drive to improve its services to customers, reduce regulatory compliance costs and remove barriers to trade.
The Treasury Department said it continues to partner with the Bank of Montserrat Ltd as it aims to increase the payment options available to customers, thereby improving the overall customer service to the general public.