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Government Offices and Schools to Remain Open on Thursday

The National Disaster Preparedness Response Advisory Committee (NDPRAC) convened today, Wednesday September 12th, 2018 to assess Montserrat’s preparedness ahead of Tropical Storm Isaac, which is expected to approach the Lesser Antilles early Thursday morning.  According to the Antigua Meteorological Service, Tropical Storm Isaac has weakened and is forecast to pass the Lesser Antilles just over 100 miles to the south of Montserrat, which is therefore expected to be affected by the outer and less intense bands of the storm, producing 1-2 inches of rainfall and with winds of 35-45 mph.

NDPRAC notes that all government offices and schools should plan to operate as normal on Thursday unless advised otherwise. Please monitor ZJB Radio for further updates.

NDPRAC advises residents and visitors to stay away from coastal areas across Montserrat because of the potential effects of storm surges.

Residents in Isles Bay Hill and other persons crossing the Belham Valley River are asked to take extra precautions during heavy rainfall associated with Tropical Storm Isaac, due, to the possibility of lahars occurring with little or no warning in the area.

The Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA) urges residents and visitors to take the necessary precautions depending on their vulnerability.