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Multi-Agency Community Engagement Meetings Ongoing

Four government departments have teamed up to meet with residents over the coming week.

Inspector Courtney Rodney said Monday that the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS), Customs & Revenue Services, Department of Labour, and the Department of the Social Services are hosting community meetings to engage various groups across the island.

The meetings provide an opportunity to update residents on the Childcare & Adoption Act, the labour laws and other work being done to enhance the livelihoods and protection of people of Montserrat

On Monday, they met with the Spanish Community. Tonight, Wednesday October 24, they are to meet with members of the Haitian Community at the Police Headquarters in Brades at 7PM.

Upcoming meetings are:

Salem & Expat Community – Thursday, October 25 at the Salem Primary School at 7PM

Davy Hill Community – Friday, October 26 at Davy Hill Community Centre at 7PM.

Brades – Monday, October 29, at the Brades Arts & Education Centre at 7PM.

Lookout – Tuesday, October 30 at the Lookout Community Centre at 7PM.