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Premier Romeo Official Gov Photo

No-Confidence Motion Defeated

Premier Donaldson Romeo

The People’s Democratic Movement government, led by Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo continues after all of its members voted against the no-confidence motion tabled by Hon. Member of the Legislative Assembly Dr. Ingrid Buffonge.

After three-days of debates the motion came up for vote late Monday, October 29 at the Cultural Centre Conference Room. The Opposition, which includes two former members of the PDM, Buffonge and former Parliamentary Secretary Gregory Willock voted for the motion.

Dr. Buffonge apologised to the voting public for the part she played in bringing PDM into office. A move she now regrets as she believes the group has further hindered the island’s progress. The medical physician has continued to sound an alarm that Montserrat’s health care is in dire straits and needs to be mended quickly.

Premier Romeo and his government stuck together despite continuous reports of infighting. The deciding vote was that of backbencher Hon. MLA Claude Hogan who has been noticeably absent from previous meetings of the parliament since he was fired in 2017. He, however, said he would not vote against the government but agreed that health care needed to be sorted.

Dr. Buffonge reminded the public that with elections less than a year away, they should vote wisely and not make the same mistake.