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Christmas Decorations and Energy Saving Bulbs Exempted from Customs Duties & Tax

The Government of Montserrat, through a Cabinet decision, has waived the customs duties and consumption tax for Christmas decorations imported from November 1 to December 24, 2018.

This directive means that items such as LED electrical Christmas light; low energy laser decorative spot light; solar powered Christmas light; Christmas tree and Christmas decorations, which arrive on the island between November 1 to December 24, will not be charged customs duties and consumption tax.

However, the public is asked to note that the ‘Christmas Decorations Exemption’ programme is specifically promoting the use of energy efficient decorations, and as such the Customs Division of the Montserrat Customs and Revenue Service (MCRS) has noted that the regular incandescent light bulbs and spot lights (coloured or not) are not covered under this programme.

The MCRS has noted that importers are not required to complete a form to benefit from this exemption.  Once the items arrive during the stipulated time frame and meet the energy efficiency requirements, the exemption will be automatic; the individual would only be required to sign a document which will indicate that they have benefited from the exemption.

This initiative from the Government of Montserrat is intended to boost the Christmas spirit amongst residents and visitors, while at the same time, promoting energy efficiency.