Launch of Reading Programme in Primary Schools

The Montserrat Public Library has launched a new programme to encourage reading among school children.

A child reads Island Days at the Montserrat Public Library. (File Photo)

Librarian Sonja Smith said the “programme is geared towards students who are based in the primary schools in Montserrat from kindergarten to grade three. It also seeks to assist our schools with improving the literary skills of our primary students as well as igniting an interest in reading in those students who are apathetic when it comes to books and reading. These early grades have been chosen so that a strong foundation can be developed for our children.”
Library staff will visit each school bi-weekly over the school year for half an hour. The library will be working with the teachers of these classes  to select books which reinforce what is being taught.

“The roll out of this programme will commence this year and we aim to have it established in all of the primary schools as a regular activity within the next three years,” added Smith.
A pilot programme with Lighthouse Community Academy and the Brades Primary School began  on November 12.