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15 Head Into Friday’s Calypso Semi-Finals

Storm sang Kaiso on the Pulpit at the eliminations. She is through to the semifinals.

This Friday, the 15 who made the cut after the December 8 calypso eliminations will vie for the opportunity to go up against current monarch Kenneth “Rabo” Silcott later this month.

Backed by the Black Rhythms band 30 singers gave their all in the hopes of being selected by the judges to move on in the competition. This year brought old faces back to the stage while there were a few regulars missing.

Making a comeback and also through to the semis is Edwin “Red Ride” Martin, with his popular track Paging Dr. Sammy. Martin usually pens the songs that Silvina “Kandie” Malone performs each year. Ironically, she was not in the competition this year.

Stevel “Mighty Soca” Rodney is on to the semi finals.

New comers included Luvelle “Kemona” Albert, a local nurse at the Glendon Hospital and Shane “Lord Caesar” Caesar whose Fred and Ned track has been the subject of much public controversy. Both made it through to the second round.

As usual, the year in politics was a common theme by many. Steve “Ice Man” Weekes sang Wotless Mother, which spoke of the UK’s treatment of Montserrat’s development. Baptist Wallace sang Delmaude Say, which recounts the desire of former PDM members Gregory Willock and Dr Ingrid Buffonge to have Minister Delmaude Ryan to be fired as minister of health.

Others moving on the semis are Herman “Cupid” Francis, Maxcine Lee, Tabu Duberry, Davon “Rakatang” Williams, Vickie “Storm” Locker, Brian “iCultural” Charles, Kevin “King Natte” Farrell, Stevel “Mighty Soca” Rodney, Kenneth “Lazor” Greenaway, and Garnett “Sylk” Thompson.

The Calypso Semi-Finals will follow the official ceremony to open the Annual Festival on Friday at Festival Village. The ceremony begins at 6PM and the competition at 8PM. It will also be available via Pay Per View on