All the Winners from Montserrat Festival 2018

Calypso Monarch Garnett Sylk Thompson
Miss Montserrat – Vanice Tuitt

All the competitions and pageants and parades are over! πŸ™

But that means that festival is only 12 months away! πŸ™‚

Here are all the winners for the 2018 Montserrat Annual Festival.

Montserrat Annual Festival Royalty

Miss St John’s Action Club Princess – Stevanna Scotland

Calypso King – Garnett “Sylk” Thompson

Queen of Queens Regional Female Calyspo Monarch – Thalia King (Antigua)

Groovy Soca Monarch – Trevon Pollard

Power Soca Monarch – Woo and Nyne (Small Island)

Miss Montserrat – Vanice Tuitt

Miss Sunrise Productions Teen – Serena Laird

Miss St John’s Action Club Princess – Stevann Scotland


Troupes and Groups Prizes

Nursery School – Combined Early Childhood – Little Masquerades

Best Children Troupe

  1. Wakanda by St Augustine Primary
  2. Candy Land by Dance in Motion
  3. Creepy Crawlies by Brades Primary

Best Individual Child – Mabel’s Magical Garden

Adult Troupes – 6+

  1. iDiva Mas
  2. Alive by KCK

Best Large Troupe -12+ Members

  1. Zulu – Jewelin Roberts Riley
  2. Festival Fever by iDiva Mas

Best Tshirt Troupe – Colour Craze by MSS Ink Invasion

Spirit of Festival – Deniece Philip Award – I am Festival by iDiva Mas

Best Individual Adult

  1. I am Festival by iDiva Mas
  2. Sparkle
I am Festival by Island Diva Mas. Designed by Sharlene Lindsay (left)

More photos from Festival 2018 can be found by using the hashtag #monfest2018 #qoqcalypso on Facebook and Instagram.

Wakanda by St Augustine Primary School