Montserrat Poetry to Be Featured on UK Radio

The work of two local artists will be featured on UK Radio in March 2019.

Chadd Cumberbatch

“Angles of Light” Readings of Caribbean Poetry which will be aired on Chapel FM in Leeds, will feature the work of Montserratian Chadd Cumberbatch and Gavin ‘Scrappy‘Johnson.

Two poems written and performed by Cumberbatch will be followed by a song by Johnson, in the latter of this two-part broadcast that will be aired in March 2019.

Part 1, which was aired in January 2019 can be found on chapel FM website as a podcast. This features an introduction to Caribbean poetry by Professor O.P Adisa and readings by Edward Baugh, Merle Collins, Philip Nanton, Esther Phillips, and Joanne Hillhouse. Cumberbatch’s work is mentioned in Professor Adisa’s opening remarks to this collection of outstanding and relevant poetry coming out of the Caribbean region.

Angles of light is coordinated by Juleus Ghunta and hosted by “The Love of Words” host Peter Spafford.

The date and time for part two of the broadcast will be announced shortly.