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Montserrat Cadet Corps to Launch Sea Cadet Unit

The Montserrat Cadet Corps in partnership with the Royal Montserrat Police Service will be introducing a Sea Cadet programme this week. According to a statement from the Royal Montserrat Defence Force (RMDF), cadetting was first introduced to Montserrat by Lieutenant Eric Grell in 1935 using Army based themes. The RMDF has provided the leadership and trainers for the Corps over its life. Training for the Sea Cadets will follow a nautical theme and will be delivered by members of the Royal Montserrat Police Service’s Marine Unit.
Commissioner of Police Steve Foster says, “I support this initiative and see this as a positive to both the RMPS and the RMDF as we work together to meet the community needs of Montserrat. I also see this as a potential source for recruits to the RMPS and the Border Security Unit i.e. Marine Department as we (RMPS/RMDF) find new and attractive ways of drawing potential recruits and bringing in new talents into the services.”
At the same time Major Alvin Ryan, Commanding Officer of the Defence Force has commended the introduction of this new programme as, “…another great way of engaging our youth and helping to impart and reinforce positive life skills and experiences”, just as the Cadet Corps has been doing for himself and countless others over the years. “Great initiative!”