Lookout Primary School Invites You to Heritage Day!

Students learn how to cook on a coal pot. (Lookout Primary School photo)
Emerald Shamiole masquerades performing at the Lookout School Heritage Day in 2018. (Lookout Primary School photo)

Friday is Heritage Day at Look Out Primary school.

According to the principal Denelta Weekes, they take it back to the old time days, cooking on coal pots. On the menu, which will all be on sale to the public are local foods such as soup, goat water, duckana, saltfish, dumpling, ground provisions, and sugar cakes. Local drinks will also be available.

Weekes said the masquerades will be performing as well.

The Heritage Day activities is to help expose the students to Montserrat’s rich culture.

All the action begins at 11AM on the school grounds in Look Out. Meals start at $10.