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Sea Cadet Corps Officially Launched, MSS Cadets Promoted

MSS Sea Cadet Corps and Sea Cadets

The Montserrat Secondary School Cadet Corps hosted a special ceremony and parade last Saturday at Government Headquarters in Brades. The occasion marked the official formation of the first Sea Cadet Detachment, an enrolment parade for new recruits and end of year promotion for army cadets.

The Parade Commander was 2Lt. Lyston Skerritt and Parade Sergeant Major WO2 Darius Lewis.
Commanding Officer of the MSSCC, Captain Colin Fergus commented, “Cadetting in Montserrat is in its 84th year and this is not by chance, rather it is because we challenge youth through military adventure and fun based on the customs and traditions of our Local Forces (Defence Force and Police Service).”

He added that “The Sea Cadet programme is the first major innovation to Montserrat Cadetting since girls were formally allowed to join in 1987. This change occurred under the watch of the late Margaret “Annie” Dyer-Howe as the responsible Minister. Before that, legally only boys were allowed to join. Following her example, we will be introducing sweeping changes to the law that governs the Cadet Corps in the months to come.”
The event was also attended by the Hon Delmaude Ryan – Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, Health, Social Services, Youth Affairs, Sports and Ecclesiastic Affairs. She addressed the cadets, parents and guests present stating, “Today my Ministry is proud to be expanding the programming of the Cadet Corps with the launch of the 1 st Sea Cadet Detachment. For this we are most grateful to the Royal Montserrat Police Service and the trainers from the Marine Unit who have committed themselves to investing in our youth. I have seen it over the year people who were cadets developed strength of character and face challenges and resolve conflict in a peaceful manner. So you are following a good path. I fully endorse the Montserrat Cadet Corps and encourage all students to join a youth organisation whether it is the Cadet Corps, the Girl Guides Association, the Boys Brigade, SDA Pathfinders, Rotoract, church or community group. Young people engaged in these types of organisations are more rounded and less likely to make poor life choices.”
Over the past year, the MSS Cadet Corps has seen a noticeable increase in interest and membership. The MSS Cadet Corps was established to provide a formal, well-regulated and highly disciplined organisation operating within all sectors focused on youth development.
Cadet Values
1. Selfless Commitment: To do what I say I will putting the needs of others ahead of your own interests
2. Courage. You must have the moral courage to do always what is right.
3. Self-discipline: To do what I must.
4. Loyalty: To be faithful to all who invest in me.
5. Respect for Others: To appreciate and be considerate to others because comradeship and leadership
depend on it.
6. Honesty & integrity: To tell the truth and be a good person.
7. Adherence to Law: All members of the Corps have a duty to uphold the law.


1 st Sea Cadet Unit
Petty Officer Eldina O’Garro
Cadet Quincy Hillocks
Cadet Jwane Lewis
Cadet Ja’vonte Liburd

Army Cadet Class 2 of 2018/19
Rec Patrice Allen
Rec Claricia Chambers
Rec Shawnee Farrell
Rec Lionel Fergus
Rec Kyle Hogan
Rec Demarky McDonald

Award of Army Proficiency Star Badges

Star 3
Sgt Eldina O’Garro
Star 2
Corporal Rajay Jackson
Corporal Ervin Liburd
Star 1

Lance Corporal Kenisha Burnett
Lance Corporal Ronaldo Meade
Pte Kassim Braimah
Pte Webster Nyack
Pte Lewis Jwane
Army Cadets

Corporal Rajay Jackson to Sergeant
Lance Corporal Kenisha Burnett to Corporal
Lance Corporal Ronaldo Meade to Corporal
Pte Nyack Webster to Lance Corporal
Pte Braimah Kassim to Lance Corporal

Sea Cadets

Sergeant Eldina O’Garro to Petty Officer
Cadet Jwane Lewis to acting 1 st Class Cadet
Cadet Quincy Hillocks to acting 1 st Class Cadet