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Lyston Skerritt

Lyston E. Skerritt Appointed Director of Community, Youth and Sports Services

The Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs, Sports & Ecclesiastes Services announced Thursday, the appointment of Lyston Skerritt to the post of director in the recently reorganized Department of Community, Youth and Sports Services. The department was redesigned to reflect the Government of Montserrat’s commitment to community development, youth advancement and sports as a viable career and recreational pursuit.
Skerritt returned to Montserrat in 2017 and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communications with minors in psychology and philosophy from Augusta University in Georgia. He has a Masters of Education and Counseling from the University of Louisville. Prior to his return he worked at universities in youth development and civic engagement. Since his return to Montserrat, he has worked as Guidance Counsellor at the Montserrat Secondary School and most recently as the Coordinator of the Youth and Sports Development Programme.
The Hon. Delmaude Ryan, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports shared her congratulations to Mr Skerritt for being successful in the recruitment to this role. “The repositioning and focus of the Youth and Sports Department has been long in coming and we are thankful that we now have the first ever Director of Community, Youth and Sports Services, in Mr Lyston Skerritt to lead and facilitate the implementation of policies that will be for the betterment of our youth, the growth of our sports sector and improving the Montserrat community at large.”
“I am sure that with the other recent additions to the staff complement, the department is well equipped to fulfill its mandate with Mr Skerritt at the helm,” the minister added. “Mr Skerritt’s passion for working with the youth and the community along with those of his new team is evident, and together provides a good fit to realize the goals and objectives of the new Department of Community, Youth and Sports Services. Congratulations once again…”