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Linda A. S. Dias Appointed Deputy Head of Programme Management Office (PMO)

The Ministry of Finance & Economic Management has announced the appointment of Linda Dias to the post of Deputy Head of the Programme Management Office (PMO). The new office has been established to improve the delivery and effectiveness of project, programme and portfolio management for the Government of Montserrat.
Dias holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the University of Technology in Jamaica, and a Master of Arts in Architecture, with a specialized focus on Cultural Identity and Globalisation from the University of Westminster in the UK. Prior to her appointment, Dias held the position of Government Architect in the Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour for five years, where she was the principal technical advisor to the government on matters related to the built environment.

Linda Dias

Linda is a former Chevening Scholar and was the recent recipient of the Leadership & Interpersonal Skills Award from the Montserrat Civil Service Association in November 2018. She has also previously served on numerous boards, including the Montserrat National Trust, and the Young Worker’s Committee of the Montserrat Civil Service Association. As a proud member and the 2020 President Elect of the Rotary Club of Montserrat, Linda uses her time and skills to assist in enhancing the Montserrat community.
Linda joins the Ministry of Finance & Economic Management team with a background in architectural design, and experience in project management, procurement, contract management, and commercial development.
The Hon. Financial Secretary (Ag.), Mr. Philip Chambers shared “On behalf of the entire staff within the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management I extend heartiest welcome to Miss Linda Dias. Miss Dias joins the team at critical stage in Montserrat social and economic development thrust. Government has just received financial approval for its largest ever negotiated capital programme, the Capital Infrastructure Programme for Resilience and Economic Growth (CIPREG). This thirty-million pound (£30 million) programme will be implemented over the next four years and is directly linked to Montserrat’s Economic Growth Strategy. Miss Dias will be a key player in the execution of the CIPREG and other major projects programme planned over the medium to long term
Mr. Martin Parlett, Head of the Programme Management Office stated, “I am delighted to welcome Linda to the PMO team, bringing important experience, new perspectives and enthusiasm to the table. As we move into a new era of transformational capital investment, building a sustainable PMO capability for the Government of Montserrat has never been more important. Linda joins us at this exciting juncture, and will be working on key initiatives to build that capability and, with it, the increased confidence of our stakeholders and funding partners.”