Premier Romeo Signs Port Development project agreement,

Premier Romeo Weighs in on Fuel Supply Issue

The matter of a threatened disruption of fuel supplies for Montserrat, has been resolved, according to a release from the Government Information Unit (GIU).

A statement from the Minister of Finance and Premier Donaldson Romeo stated that “the Government of Montserrat has a strong binding contract with Delta Petroleum Ltd. (Delta). Delta has an exclusive deal to provide petrol to the
people of Montserrat and to fulfill that responsibility they have a binding contract with the two petrol stations.

“Therefore, these gas stations cannot unilaterally terminate services without exposing themselves and Delta to serious liabilities at law. So, in a meeting with Delta it was agreed that Delta would not allow such a shut down, and that they would find a way to resolve the matter— which clearly has now been found.
“Going forward, we will resolve these situations with Delta and Delta with us. Fuel is a vital necessity for our economy and retailers must never use this as a means of holding the people of Montserrat to ransom. We will resolve matters through negotiations, if there is a problem; without needless threats of disruption,” the statement ended.