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Government of Montserrat Offering Tax Exemptions on Imported Electric Vehicles

Residents will be able to import electric and hybrid vehicles under a new government policy, in some instances, without any customs and consumption charges.

Minister of Finance and Premier, Donaldson Romeo announced Thursday that his government has agreed to the new policy in line with their green energy mandate. He shared that imported vehicles which are 100% electric will be exempted from Customs duties and consumption tax for five years.

Hybrid vehicles are exempted from customs duties ONLY for the next two years. All other hybrids other than plugged in hybrids are exempted from consumption tax ONLY for two years.

Replacement batteries and charging stations also have no Customs Duties and Consumption tax for five years.

All must be certified by the Director of Public Works to receive the exemptions.

A processing of five percent is payable in all cases.

The Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour (MCWEL) has received its first electric vehicle and is expected to unveil is shortly.