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Drop in CXC Passes at Montserrat Secondary School

The Montserrat Secondary School has received the preliminary results for students who wrote the CSEC Examinations in May/June 2019.  A statement from the school via the Ministry of Education showed that the school saw it’s overall pass rate from by three percent in the latest cohort.
“Fifty-five students entered to write CXC exams this year. The students wrote a total of three hundred and fifty-nine (359) subject entries in the 2019 CSEC Examinations at General and Technical Proficiency Levels. Based on the provisional results Grades I – III passes were obtained in two hundred and thirty-eight (238) of them yielding a pass rate of 70% down from the 73% obtained in 2018.
“Of the 24 subject proficiencies taken at CXC CSEC examinations,
(1) 100% passes were recorded in nine of them namely: Geography, Technical Drawing, Principles of Accounts, Office Administration, Principles of Business, Economics, Human and Social Biology, Theatre Arts and Physical Education (PE).
(2) Pass rates ranging from 90% to 97% were recorded for Physics, Agricultural Science and Food Nutrition and Health.
(3) Chemistry, Biology and Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM) recorded pass rates of 88%.
(4) French and Information Technology recorded pass a rates of 75%.
“A pass rate of 51% was recorded for English A, down from the 66.7% obtained in 2018. Math recorded a 44% pass rate down from the 47% pass rate obtained in the 2018 exams.
“The Business subjects, Physical Education and Sport, Agriculture, Food Nutrition and Health and other technical subjects continue to record very good pass rates.
“Students at MSS wrote the CXC CSEC Examination in Theatre Arts for the first time this year. A pass rate of 100% was recorded in this area.
“Notable student performances in the examinations are set out below:
Passes in eight subject areas were obtained by:
Tiffany Weekes 8 Grade 1s
NiKiesha Scotland 7 Grade 1s 1 Grade 2
Rhonda Allen 6 Grade 1s 2 Grade 2s
Beyonce Osborne 6 Grade 1s 2 Grade 2s
Akyla Davis 5 Grade 1s 3 Grade 2s
Joshua Golden 3 Grade 1s 4 Grade 2s 1 Grade 3
Anjanique Cassell 3 Grade 1s 2 Grade 2s 3 Grade 3s
Silford Moore 2 Grade 1s 4 Grade 2s 2 Grade 3s
Tevique Benjamin 2 Grade 1s 3 Grade 2s 3 Grade 3s

Passes in seven subject areas were obtained by Stephaun Harris, Asma Muhammad, Dyvaun Sweeney, and Kwanice Ryan.

Four students recorded passes in 6 subject areas, while 10 students recorded passes in 5 subject areas.
A key indicator for education is the percentage of students in the year five cohort who obtain 5 or more CSEC passes including English and Math. This year 26% the year five cohort obtained 5+ CSEC passes including Math and English. This performance is down from the 43% obtained in 2018.
This decline in overall performance may be attributable in part to the significant disruption to the teaching and learning environment experienced over the year as well as to the absence of teachers and other key support staff.
The school congratulated the students who were successful along with parents for their support and to the teachers for their hard work and dedication. The school also extended sincerest gratitude to the members of the community who assisted by tutoring students in the absence of their substantive teachers.
For those who were not as successful as they would have liked, the school encouraged them to pursue further studies.