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Emerald Boys starting team (Nia Golden Photo)

2-1 for Montserrat in Nations League Game vs Dominican Republic

Joshua Garcia scored the only goal for the Dominican Republic. (Nia Golden Photo)

History did not repeat itself Saturday afternoon, when Montserrat met the Dominican Republic in their first match up in 19 years at the Blakes Football Stadium.

The two teams have only met twice before and that was back in 2000. Back then, the DR won both games. Now that Montserrat has been building momentum and won its last three games to end the last Nations League season, they were ready to change the outcome.

Following the brief flag ceremony which allowed young footballers from the grassroots and Under 15 programme to escort the players unto the field, the Group B game in League B of the CONCACAF Nations League began.

The Dominican Republic’s Joshua Garcia landed the first goal at the 23 minute mark. This was swiftly followed by James Comley’s rejoinder six minutes later, bringing the countries level at 1-1.

Both teams piled up yellow cards during the game which ran for 95 minutes of play. Montserrat got 4 cards and DomRep 2.

The crowd which grew to 640 by the end of the match as was the official tally, were jubilant throughout the game and the home team used this energy to propel them into a second-half goal from Adrian Clifton making it a 2-1 final result. on Saturday to open Group B play in League B of the Concacaf Nations League at the Blakes Estate Stadium in Lookout, Montserrat.

The result makes it four wins in a row for Montserrat in Concacaf competition.

The Emerald Boys have another home game this Tuesday vs St Lucia, following a decision to switch the venues. This will be the last home game for the boys and it starts at 4PM.

See highlights from the match below.

Emerald Boys starting team (Nia Golden Photo)


1 Corrin Brooks
2 Micheal Williams
22 Craig Braham
5 Joseph Taylor
10 Brandon Comely
11 James Comley
17 Adrian Clifton
18 Alex Dyer
9 Lyle Taylor C
7 Spencer Daley
8 Bradley Woods
DT William Donachie

21 Micah Hilton
6 Calvin Petrie
3 Mark Rogers
13 Ahijah Daley
14 Shemarie Perkins

Both teams piled up yellow cards throughout the game.

Dominican Republic
Johan Guzmán
4 Jairo Bueno
3 César García
13 Rafael Flores C
14 Jean Carlos López
18 Wilman Modesta
20 Edarlyn Rejes
21 Adrián Salcedo
11 Joshua García
9 Ronaldo Vásquez
10 Eddipo Rodríguez
DT David González

1 Miguel Lloyd
2 Ernesto Trinidad
16 Brian López
5 Ismael Díaz
7 Juan Ángeles