Customs and Revenue Service to Provide Small Business Support for Tax Compliance

The Ministry of Finance and the Montserrat Customs and Revenue Service (MCRS) is providing additional support to self-employed persons and small contractors, who are having difficulties meeting the tax compliance requirement for tenders on Government of Montserrat’s capital projects.
The additional support is part of ongoing efforts to enable more local contractors to be able to submit competitive bids on Government projects.
In late August, the Business Support Unit announced that it is providing assistance to small businesses, contractors and self-employed persons to manage their business affairs, which also includes supporting them in becoming tax compliant. Following this announcement,
additional feedback was received, mainly from self-employed persons and small contractors, who indicated that their main problem is not being able to fulfill their tax obligation, which would enable them to obtain the required Tax Compliance Certificate.
Based on this feedback, the Ministry of Finance and the MCRS agreed to provide further support to assist as many persons as possible. Affected persons or entities can therefore visit the Inland Revenue Department of the MCRS, to discuss and agree on a plan which will enable them to receive the required tax compliance Certificate and be eligible to bid on Government of Montserrat’s capital projects; some of which, will be rolled out shortly.
The Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Donaldson Romeo said, “We do not want hard working men and women to miss the opportunity to bid on projects which will be released for procurement in the coming days and weeks, so please take advantage of the opportunity being offered now. Please visit the Inland Revenue Department at Government Headquarters where you can get help to receive the needed tax compliance certificate.”

The Inland Revenue Department is located in the MCRS building at Government headquarters and can be contacted by calling (664) 491-2463.

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