Montserrat’s Minister of Agriculture Becomes a Sea Creature in New Book on Ocean Care

Agriculture Minister Claude Hogan and Principal of the Lookout Primary School Denelta Weekes pose with a copy of Message in a Bottle, produced by the Waitt Institute. (DS Media Photo)

Minister of Agriculture Claude Hogan on Monday delivered copies of a new children’s book on ocean care to students at Lookout Primary School.

Hogan, who is one of the founding members of the Blue Halo Montserrat project, said the book is an initiative developed through the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Ocean Alliance and the In-Deep Project in an effort to educate all about the need to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.

He has now been immortalised as Claude the Crab in the new book called Message in a Bottle.

Message in a Bottle is a new illustrated book, which seeks to educate children about litter and its impacts on the marine environment. Deep-sea litter is a world-wide problem endangering marine life.

The harm caused by plastic pollution is wide-ranging. It chokes wildlife above and below the waterline. An estimated one million sea birds and an unknown number of sea turtles die each year as a result of plastic debris obstructing their digestive tracts, and marine animals of all sorts can become tangled and incapacitated by discarded fishing lines and plastic bags. The effects of plastics carrying toxicity throughout the marine food chain is still being researched, with the implications for human health yet to be understood.

Agriculture Minister Claude Hogan and Principal of the Lookout Primary School Denelta Weekes (DS Media Photo)

Minister Hogan said he was delighted to share the books with the students and the schools and he hopes the books help to bring further understanding of the environment and will encourage the children to become future ambassadors of the ocean.

Did you Know – 450 years is the length of time a plastic bottle can last in the marine environment.

Download the book here…Message in a Bottle