2020 National Honours & Awards Nominations Now Open

Submissions for the 2020 National Honours and Awards opened on Monday October 14, 2019 and will close on Friday November 8, 2019.
Members of the public can therefore submit the names of individuals they wish to nominate for awards in the following categories:
1. The Order of National Hero
2. The Order of Excellence
3. The Order of Distinction
4. The Order of Merit
All submissions should include the following information:

  • The nominee’s name;
  • The category nominated for; and
  • Background and supporting information to justify the nomination, including significant
    accomplishments and achievements.

Hard copies of the application forms are available at the Office of the Premier or from the Secretary via email. Nominations are to be submitted to the National Honours and Awards Committee, Office of the Premier or to the Secretary of the Committee via email.
Details of the nomination categories are as follows:
The Order of the National Hero is the highest award and is granted to a Montserratian who, by exceptional and extraordinary service, has changed the course of the country and significantly transformed the lives of Montserratians.
The Order of Excellence is awarded to a Montserratian:
a) who, by extraordinary and unwavering commitment and devoted and distinguished service has contributed significantly to the development of Montserrat and positively projected its image or
b) for exceptional achievements in any field or discipline at the national, regional and international level
The Order of Distinction is awarded to a Montserratian who:
a) In any field, has given distinguished and outstanding service: or
b) has attained remarkable achievement at the national level or made remarkable
contribution on a national level.

The Order of Merit is awarded to a Montserratian for meritorious contribution to national development in the field of arts, science, commerce, sports, education, governance, philanthropy, community service or any other related area.

For further information, individuals can contact the Secretary of the National Honours and Awards Committee, Miss Jo-Annah Richards at Nhac@gov.ms or call (664) 491-3378.