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Carlisle ‘Pyiko’ Williams Receives His Caribbean Cadet Medal

Carlisle Pyiko Williams

This past Tuesday, Commandant of the Montserrat Cadet Corps Captain Colin Fergus presented the Caribbean Cadet Medal to Company Sergeant Major B. A. Carlisle Williams of the Royal Montserrat Defence Force. This was done at a short ceremony during the regular practice of the Montserrat Cadet Corps. The Caribbean Cadet Medal is the highest honour granted by the Caribbean Cadet Association.

Warrant Officer Class 2 Williams, known to most as Pyiko, began his cadetting service with his native the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cadet Force (SVGCF) on 10 September 1985. He consistently rose through the ranks until he achieved the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1 (Regimental Sergeant Major).

From 1989 Williams was an Adult Instructor for the St. Vincent and Grenadines Cadet Force covering various disciplines of cadetting. He was appointed as the training officer for the St. Vincent and Grenadines Cadet Force between 1997 and 1999. Subsequently, he was appointed as Acting Lieutenant from 1998 – 2001 within the SVGCF.

On migration to Montserrat he joined the Royal Montserrat Defence Force and continued his cadetting career by becoming the training officer the Montserrat Secondary Cadet Corps. He was also responsible for the formation of the Montserrat Secondary School Cadet Corps Marching Band which played for various ceremonial parades on island. He has participated in numerous OECS and Caribbean Cadet and sub-regional camps as a regular cadet, Adult Instructor and Contingent Commander.

Carlisle Pyiko Williams receives his medal

For his service and contribution in the areas of leadership and training for Caribbean Cadetting Warrant Officer Class 2 B. A. Carlisle Williams was awarded the Caribbean Cadet Medal.

Williams is the fourth officer in the local service to receive the medal this year. Captain Fergus, Major Alvin Williams and Captain Peter White were also awarded the cadet medal for their contributions at previous ceremonies.