35 to Contest 2019 General Elections on Montserrat

The 2019 General Elections is already breaking records with 35 candidates successfully being nominated on Thursday November 7 to take part in the November 18 contest. 31 contested the 2014 elections.

The candidates along with their family and supporters kept up a steady stream throughout Nomination Day, which was held at the Brades Arts & Education Centre.

Four parties will be contesting the elections. Only two are repeat organisations: The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), now led by Paul Lewis is fielding seven candidates, and the Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP) led by Joseph Easton Taylor-Farrell has a full slate of nine.  The Montserrat National Congress (MNC) led by Dr Lowell Lewis has three candidates and the Montserrat United Labour Party (MULP) led by Peter Queeley has five. Queeley was previously the chairman of the MCAP.

Only one person who had not previously announced his intention to run showed up to be nominated. This was businessman Wilford “Moose” Meade, who also ran in the last general elections.

An official statement on the candidates will be released by the Electoral Committee. Our unofficial list in alphabetical order is below. The number of votes received in the 2014 elections is noted for returning candidates.

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Montserrat National Congress (MNC)

  1. Chedmond Browne
  2. Dr Lowell Lewis (Leader) (468 votes)
  3. Gregory Willock (1098 votes)

Montserrat United Labour Party (MULP)

  1. Franklyn “Algie” Greaves
  2. Bertrand Lee
  3. Keithroy “DeBear” Morson
  4. Peter Queeley (Leader)
  5. Jermaine Wade (876 votes)

Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP)

  1. Crenston Buffonge (533 votes)
  2. Norman Cassell (79 votes)
  3. Roselyn Cassell-Sealy
  4. Veronica Dorsett
  5. Dr Samuel Joseph (858 votes)
  6. Charles Kirnon (1070 votes)
  7. Charlesworth Philip
  8. Joseph “Easton Taylor” Farrell (Leader) (1314 votes)
  9. Jenzil Skerritt

People’s Democratic Movement

  1. David “Trixie” Duberry (1045 votes)
  2. Emile Duberry (978 votes)
  3. Dwayne Hixon
  4. Claude Hogan (1112 votes)
  5. Paul Lewis (Leader) (1507 votes)
  6. David Osborne (1356 votes)
  7. Delmaude Ryan (1185 votes)


  1. Karen “Lioness” Allen
  2. Dr Ingrid Buffonge (1615 votes)
  3. Glenn Francis
  4. Alvin Gerald
  5. Eulyn Silcott-Greaves
  6. Victor James Sr. (657 votes)
  7. Dunstan Lindesay
  8. Wilford “Moose” Meade (67 votes)
  9. Shirley Osborne
  10. Donaldson Romeo (1695 votes)
  11. Veta Wade