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New Government of Montserrat Expresses Sympathy After London Stabbing

Premier  Easton Taylor Farrell

Premier of Montserrat, Easton Taylor Farrell and his cabinet have expressed solidarity and support to the people of the United Kingdom, particularly Montserratians living in London, following a terrorism incident at London Bridge today.

Latest reports are that a number of people were stabbed and a man has been shot dead by police in the attack.

A number Montserratians work in the area or otherwise use it as a commuting hub. There are no reports of any Montserratian caught up in today’s events, a statement from the government’s press officer read.

Premier Taylor-Farrell along with the other Ministers have described the reports from London bridge as “shocking” and have expressed their concern and sympathy for those affected.

“Our thoughts and concerns are with the many Montserratians that reside in London, and those at home whose family and friends travel in and around London Bridge.”