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2010 File photo of a WINAIR aircraft landing at the John A. Osborne Airport.

Airport Resurfacing Project Advances

2010 File photo of a WINAIR aircraft landing at the John A. Osborne Airport.

A November 2020 target has been given for the runway resurfacing project at the John A. Osborne Airport to be completed.

According to the Programme Management Office (PMO) and the Ministry of Communication, Works, Energy and Labour (MCWEL), the Airport Runway Resurfacing Project has secured agreement to proceed to the construction phase. This follows the successful completion of the detailed design for the new runway surface undertaken earlier this year by AVIA NG Airport Consultants in Canada.

A release from the Government Information Unit stated that the Montserrat Steering Committee has now approved the specific allocation of funding from the Capital Investment Programme for Resilient Economic (CIPREG) Programme in order for the team to proceed to the procurement phase for the construction element of the project.

SVG Air lands at John A. Osborne Airport

Head of the PMO, Martin Parlett said he is pleased to see another CIPREG project progressing successfully into the next phase of delivery. “The runway resurfacing project will not only restore regulatory confidence in Montserrat’s
John A. Osborne airport operations, it will enable important long term improvements to our air access. The MCWEL team, with technical support from Avia NG Inc., are doing a sterling job of ensuring that the airport team, and our regulatory body ASSI, are engaged and supportive. The team will continue to communicate with the public and relevant stakeholders on plans for any closure of the airport later this year,” expressed Martin Parlett.

Interested parties will be invited to tender on the construction phase of this project, later this month when the invitation for tenders will be issued.

Director (Ag), Public Works Department, Rawlson Patterson explained the scope of work and the scheduled stage of implementation. He said, “The Government of Montserrat is proposing to improve the surface friction of the runway and maintain the integrity of the Aerodrome. This would primarily involve the milling of the runway and replacing it with a new asphalt surface. The project is currently on schedule with the 90% design works completed by the Technical Consultants of Avia NG Inc. and the intention is to go out to tender before the end of March 2020. The implementation is scheduled for the third quarter of the Government of Montserrat’s Financial Year 2020/21, and it takes into the consideration the mobilization period, the tropical hurricane season and end of year festival.”

The resurfacing works are currently scheduled for completion in early November 2020, however specific dates will be confirmed once the resurfacing contractor has been engaged, the release stated.

Air Safety Support International (ASSI) is a key regulatory stakeholder and remains fully engaged and supportive of the design and Project approach.

Under the Montserrat Capital Investment Programme for Resilient Economic Growth (CIPREG), the UK Government will provide up to £30 million over five years (2018- 2023) for strategic infrastructure development on Montserrat, to support economic growth, enhance resilience against natural disasters and promote the role of the private sector.