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Four More Patients Recover from COVID-19

The Montserrat Ministry of Health and Social Services is today declaring the full recovery of an additional four patients from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The recoveries, decreases Montserrat’s active COVID-19 cases from seven to three. The three active cases remain in home isolation and are anticipated to also make a full recovery.
Even as the number of active cases and new infections decreases, the Ministry of Health and Social Services continues to build its capacity to respond to the pandemic.
Among a number of initiatives, health officials have indicated that they have increased their stock of personal protective equipment for staff, begun renovations for an expanded isolation ward, and continues to build the Glendon Hospital Laboratory’s capacity for on island testing for the disease.
Given the uncertainty of the future of COVID-19, these are necessary measures to ensure the Ministry can improve its efficiency and response, should we face a long term future with COVID-19.